KochiBiennale - Single Housing

project image Kochi Biennale
In light of colossal demolitions and subsequent debris that fill our cities, and architecture that continues to be an indispensable commodity, this pavilion is conceived as a container - formed from a dual narrative - one, of the ubiquitous debris from ruthless demolition of buildings, and another of the poetics of construction - an honest admission of materials and methods we use during the making of buildings which are subsequently removed, or often remain hidden under its skin, unknown. It is this , that we want to celebrate, and bring forth the pain, the risk and challenges faced in manifestation of an architecture, we measure as beautiful - and remains a joy forever, for in our veins flow ink and fire. The pavilion unfolds a large singular space under a large singular roof that touches the ground, made from terracotta debris, inspired from the many roofs of Kochi.