Asian age - Commercial

project image asian age
Location : Mumbai
Client : M. J. Akbar, Asian Age
Status : Completed
Design Team : Samira Rathod
Year : 2003
Area : 4000 sq.ft

The space to house the press machinery and the editorial offices for the corporation of a leading Indian newspaper was overwhelming in its volume, dotted with a grid of old cast iron columns of colonial make.By the process of lateral thinking and selective elimination, it was concluded that the shed no 3 would be used for the purposes of the office and the remaining to be reserved for the press.

In the structure of the shed, in its cast iron pillars holding the truss work and in the thick, stone arched walls which initially housed a textile mill, was an existing history which needed to be resurrected. This inherent character had to be further infused with modern facilities to house the offices of the newspaper.

The old structure offered no opportunity to break open or puncture any walls to create any dialogue with the outside.The design focus was completely internalized. The roof was recreated to flood the volume with natural light.