Broacha house - Single Housing

project image broacha house
Location : Alibaug, Mumbai
Client : Ayesha Broacha
Status : Complete
Design Team : Samira Rathod, Vinita Poddar
Year : 2010
Area : 5000 sq.ft

A flirtatious, playful form that flaunts reason and logic in its apparent temporality. Incoherent and inconsistent, but with purpose, it is derived from the form of a camera and a film set (the client being a photographer) and exaggerated in scales, like an illogical melodrama, that is characteristic of Bollywood scripts. The house is conceived of as separate volumes with a roofed walkway bridge connected each part. A large louvered roof shelters an open plinth which inevitably is being used as the family room and dining space informally