Holding-water - installation

project image Holding Water

Water camouflages itself with its container. It is transparent and anomalous, finding its own balance. Water escapes us; it is ethereal, and yet an elixir for life. Water insulates; it is versatile. With depleting water resources, to hold water has become imperative. Holding water; in ways that it is natural and integral to our being; unresisting and innate. How does architecture, the built form, integrate water in design? The first settlement was made around water. For years communities have settled around water bodies, growing organically, relying on water as their primary resource. With this resource dying at an unfathomable pace, a designed system could allow for communities to collect and hold water within, in various forms of storage - as tanks, reservoirs, ponds, lakes; celebrating its flow as it trickles, springs, pours and inundates. The architectural experiment looks at water and its attributes as a building material, building houses and communities., bringing water from the past into the future. Water being immortal. The installation is designed to ignite the senses and is a pause; to think of, “being water”- transparent and pure, when we are, as they say, made of water.