Iit - Competition

project image indian institute of technology - bombay
Location : Mumbai
Status : Competition Entry
Year : 2015
Area : 25000 sq.ft

The water of Powai Lake today is undrinkable as the Lake collects murky water from the IIT lands.The design looks at an architecture based primarily on water.

The key design for the overall scheme of the IIT campus, the Master Plan, is to look at water as a vehicular system that facilitates buildings, landscapes, and internal systems all working towards rejuvenating the Powai Lake from heavy silting and eutrophication.

The strategy of the design is to harvest rainwater back into the lake, by allowing water from the higher portions of the land to trickle down, through rills and catchment ponds into a large perennial moat.

The water collects, sediments and then flows into Powai lake as clean water. This is done with open Aqueducts, catchment Ponds, and a sedimentation Moat. The entire parcel of land that is occupied by IIT is to be divided into clusters/small islands based on the topography.

This project invites the collaboration of mechanical engineering, hydrology and architecture into a single integrated aim and system of environmental conservation, through the recycling of water(rain), matter(material), and energy(kinetic movement).