Kolkata high rise - Multiple Housing

project image kolkata high rise
Location : Kolkata, West Bengal
Client : HiLand Realty
Status : Design
Design Team : Samira Rathod, Dushyant Asher
Year : 2013
Area : 10,000 sq.ft

Small inadequate apartments (due to exorbitant prices on land) have led the cities inhabitants to encroach the skin of their building; to hang out their stores and linen and bulge into the balcony space leaving the faade tortured and bruised. Addressing this need is the prime focus of this project. The building aspires to create skins using the concept of a geode which is smooth on the outside but crystalline on the inside. The building thus creates a glass faade on one side opening to the view of the city and bamboo weave on its services side, allowing service activities with light and ventilation yet hiding them from view, avoiding eye sores. The drawing board is presently busy designing and iterating through skins and faade details.