Mariwala house 1 - Single Housing

project image mariwala house 1
Location : Alibaug, Mumbai
Client : Kishore Mariwala
Status : Completed
Design Team : Sapna Thanawala, Lahar, Samira Rathod
Year : 2005
Area : 5000 sq ft

Designed for a couple, the house is a play of forms and a further evolution of the previous houses designed all in terms of spatial narrative and a material semantic. The client is an avid sailor hence the house has been designed as three forms (a cube, a pyramid and a cylinder which reflects the geometires of a hull) connected by a spine, each form representing a different mood and program. The house exudes a sense of frivolity and fun in a coherent manner in which the three incongruous forms are amalgamated to form the living spaces. Every piece of the house has been customized and detailed with unique joinery and craft.